Our full line of CNC Equipment allows us to produce your parts with a minimal of handling.  That translates into speed and accuracy for our customers. Whether you require prototype development or full production manufacturing, our highly trained personnel are ready to begin your project.

Our CNC milling machines include a number of tools with dedicated functions which are used one at a time to machine a metal blank.  Each tool is programmed by the CNC operator to work in succession for optimal production efficiency. Knowledgeable programmers will determine the most efficient routing of drilling, reaming, contour milling, etc.  The careful selection of tool bits (i.e., cobalt, carbide, etc.) enables quality and speed of production.


We provide a host of technical services. Auto Desk and Solidworks are used for 3-D Modeling, fixture design and detailing.   MasterCam and FeatureCam are used for programming and tool path generation. Reverse engineering is available using our coordinate measuring machine (CMM).  We also have 3-D and 4-D surface machining.


Our coordinate measuring machines and dedicated quality staff are the backbone of your quality control department.  Meticulous measurement and documentation generate continuous progress toward our primary goal: zero defects.  First-article inspection at the beginning of every operation, in process inspection throughout every run and final inspection before shipping to the customer ensure that you receive quality parts to your specifications.

Inspection reports can be made available to suit your company’s requirements.  We are progressing toward ISO 9000:2001.

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